Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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That differences in operation (e.g. AF speed / accuracy) usually matters more than differences in IQ, except for extreme circumstances (e.g. large prints in low light), but, more usually, most any modern DSLR or mirrorless, and often compacts, can get the job done for the vast majority of situations, despite differences in IQ and operation.

On the right track but not just differences in operation. Some people (and no, I am not thinking about you ) appear to think that differences in camera capabilities, such as those between FF and MFT, translate into perceptible differences in IQ for just about any picture. As we both know, that's not the case. There are many things the two formats can do about equally well. But there are a few things FF can do better (at a certain price in terms of bulk, weight, and cost). In other words, the more capable camera is more versatile, i.e., can handle more shooting scenarios reasonably well. I believe they call it a bigger "performance envelope" these days.

Yes, except I would add that while System A may have a larger "performance envelope" than System B, it does not imply that System A does everything that System B does, and most certainly does not imply that it does it better.

No but as a rule it does, wouldn't you say, unless you consider bulk/weight and the practical limitations they imply?

Not necessarily. Consider the 6D vs the upcoming 70D, for example. The 6D will have the larger performance envelope in terms of IQ, but the 70D will have the larger performance envelope in terms of operation.

OK. Point taken.

Personally, I never really saw it differently. It was clear to me from the beginning that the Konica SLR I bought when I was sixteen wouldn't do significantly better than the compact I had practiced on before that (my father's Konica C35) at about 35 mm FL on a nice summer day with no particular difficulties in terms of metering or f-stop-shutter-speed combination (the C35 was program mode only). I was also clear to me from the beginning, that the SLR could accomplish quite a few things the C35 couldn't handle at all.

Same with progress over time. Today's cameras can take decent images in shooting scenarios that were simply impossible in the past but that doesn't mean they will do significantly better in every case.

Add to that the fact that as the performance of all systems increase, the benefits of the better performing camera over the lesser performing camera matter less and less.

Certainly true and one reason why I shoot MFT rather than FF.


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