why has the 16mm f2.8 got such a bad rep?

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Re: The lens would be considered excellent if we still had 6 MP APS-C...

viking79 wrote:

If the NEX were 6 MP we would think the lens was excellent. Alas, we have 16 and 24 MP NEX cameras and the lens is really mediocre. It does the job it does just fine, but it could be much better.

For web viewing and HD video it is excellent (HD is really low resolution relative to stills). Most people should be perfectly happy with the lens as is, but anyone pixel peeping will be disappointed (not saying people should or should not pixel peep).



I think calling this lens mediocre is a little strong. Even with a 16 Mp sensor, most of my pictures above f5.6 are definitely more than acceptable :

SEL16F28 at f8

It certainly is not my best lens, but it is far from being the worst.


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