Is a DP right for me?

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Scott Greiff
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Re: Is a DP right for me?

WT21 wrote:

I've sold (or am selling) my m43 kit because it just makes my life too complicated.

I've got a 6D system, and that covers my event shooting and high-ISO needs.

I've got an RX100, and that does an all-rounder for me.

I'm looking now for simple.

I've got space for a high-quality compact. I love the Fuji X series output, but I don't want another system. Call it a weakness, but if I have an ILC, then I start buying lenses, lol. I don't need that.

I've considered a Fuji X100, but I'm more of a 50mm eq shooter.

I found the DP2M wide, but not wide enough, and not tight when you want it to be tight. This is why I own both the DP1M and DP3M.

This camera would be for: very light street shooting (more like things of interest, than candid shots of people), architecture interest, and landscapes. Mostly shot in the early part of later part of the day.

Looking through the DP series images, the shots look gorgeous. BUT a slow camera gets me frustrated. Slow operations especially, and slow AF secondarily.

I hate to say this, because I love my DPs, but I don't think the DP would be right for you.  The DPs force you to be a lot more deliberate than does the RX100, say.  I love my little RX100.  It's quite a performer, but operation is quite a bit different from the Sigma.

Am I right to avoid the DP series for the above reasons? The output looks so wonderful, though.

The output is intoxicating.


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