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Re: keep the 7100 and...

Gary, the D7100 is as well sealed as the D800, and better built than the D600.  D7100

uses the D4 AF so its got good fast reflexes.  Only the Raw is affected by the small buffer

and using the fastest SDHC cards lets you shoot a burst and it empties right away.

You can get a third party grip like a Pixel Vertax MB d15 for extra button, larger grip area.

Also, you can program many controls AF start like the Function, DOF, etc. buttons

to behave like having that extra button.  Remember the D7100 has an I info button that

is the trade off very useful to get into the menus to make changes, and my setup and U1 and  U2

buttons to help make the camera very customizable and easy to use.  Only people who shoot

videos grumble about having to exit video mode to change aperture setting.

For fast 13fps and good videos I use a Nex 5n instead, and use some of my Nikkor lenses

via adapters, but you can shoot about 100 frames non stop with the D7100 in Jpeg.

See the camera is not designed as a Raw sports camera, its a Jpeg sports camera.

I just don't think a $1200 camera that has so much good features that trickled down from

much more expensive FF cameras can be criticized for the money its way better than most

people need.  Even high iso, and 24mp resolution without the Bayer digital filter, are high end

features, your not paying extra for.  Dual SdHC card slots like the D300 and D400.

I hope that Nikon makes a D400 and that its not out of your price range, but I wouldn't

wait for it, since Nikon may or may not make it for you.  Myself, I was using a

D70 for a decade waiting for a camera that had 90% of what I wanted before buying

a D7100.  I wanted a No mirror version of the D7100 using an HD 2mp Digital VF for quiet

easy to see in the dark VF with no mirror noise or shake.  I also, only wanted a 18mp sensor

for FX high iso like performance.  I didn't get those things, but for the price I'm happy.

Also, I pre-ordered the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8, to get the same general noise profile as an FX

using F2.8 glass, and I would be looking at getting the just announced Samyang 16mm f2

for a little wider view at one stop faster than my Tokina if I didn't already have it.

I have lots of F1.4 glass so I personally don't see ever switching to FX, the DOF and High ISO

noise these days is easy to get around with the smaller DX body.  Just use fast glass and work

at one or 2 f-stops lower ISO.

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