RX100M2 and Viewfinder

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Re: RX100M2 and Viewfinder

Michael Kaufman wrote:

lorenzo wrote:

I just discovered with great pleasure that the RX100MK2 uses the same viewfinder of my RX1!

I just give a try and it works perfectly!

Ditto. While I would never buy a $500 EVF to go with a $750 camera, if you already have the EVF, it works fantastically. Until the RX200 comes out with the EVF built in, I think I have found my perfect pocket-sized camera.

Now, If I could just find a case that just held the camera and the EVF, I would be set.


Great.... that means my only option is to buy the RX1 with the RVF so that I can use it with my RX100... thanks a lot  .  Seriously though, using the RX100 MKII today and I'm not sure if I can get by without an EVF. I really wish they made a lower cost EVF.

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