Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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Re: Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

ryan2007 wrote:

REShultz wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

Fuji is the only mirror-less system to date that actually challenges you as a photographer. Their are no cheat modes or pre-set programs like Olympus or Panasonic has.

Get out of here with this stuff man.

You have to know what you are doing. Same as what a SLR used to be, same as the Leica or even Contax rangefinders were.

So there is no Auto mode?

With Fuji you still have to decide metering pattern, set dynamic range, set AF mode and it is not single or continuous it is if you or the camera decide the AF point and it is better you decide. You also should set ISO manually for best results and one of the best Fuji has are the film modes that equate to Fuji slide film, Their is a mode for Provia, Velvia, Astia plus a few more.

You do realize you can do that with M43 cameras?  I set the AF mode (prefer single very small spot focus); choose metering mode (usually center weighted); and I select the ISO I want to work with (never use auto ISO).   My routine?  Select ISO I want to be working with; select aperture or shutter priority (depending on subject) (most of the time in Aperture priority).  Select desired aperture.  Aim AF spot at target spot on subject (sometimes use AEL button if needed, first), half press shutter, recompose (if necessary) and shoot, or just shoot.  The only thing the camera does automatically is to lock focus and select a shutter speed for me....the rest of the settings are my own.

Granted there are no Fuji film modes built into M43s cameras, but if I wanted a film color spectrum, I could buy a profile or program that gave me them.....and I don't, so no loss for me there.

So, I am not entirely sure what you are saying here....


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