Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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Re: Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

Look at the Fuji X forum many have left MFT's for Fuji. Being brand loyal is a downfall if you ever want to better your photography. Being a photographer is more than aiming and firing.

That's hardly proof. People change systems for any number of reasons and without the actual number of switchers on either side, this point is even more moot.

Fuji is the only mirror-less system to date that actually challenges you as a photographer.

As opposed to, say, Leica?

Their are no cheat modes or pre-set programs like Olympus or Panasonic has. You have to know what you are doing. Same as what a SLR used to be, same as the Leica or even Contax rangefinders were.

No one forces you to use "cheat modes". If it takes a more spartan camera to prevent you from taking shortcuts while you really wanted to "challenge yourself as a photographer", then that says more about your ambitions than it does about your gear.

So you are saying Fuji is better as I describe it with your statement after all. To quote you:

"Do you think they are idiots or ignorant not to recognize the "fact" that Fuji is better?"

Answer is Yes, MFT's to Fuji XF glass is better. You either have a eye for it or not. Same as playing sports or anything Pro level vocation, you have talent or do not.

"Better" depends on your requirements. If you need fast AF, or a smaller size then Fuji XF glass is not "better". And if "better" is determined by "having an eye for it", then the difference is subjective by definition.

Wager, Ban me from DPREVIEW for a month if this is the sole camera the professional photographer uses with a real contract for the job,like any Pro would have.

AFAIK, Zack Arias used his Fuji's exclusively for several paid jobs.

However, the original challenge was: "You might also want to explain why so many enthusiasts and professionals are happily using mFT". No exclusivity involved here.

For someone who is an advocate for using the right tool for the job, you seem quite eager to dismiss an entire class of gear based on cherry picked (pseudo) arguments.

Panasonic is the better system. Olympus has nothing but issues that Olympus users complain about all the time.

Google for a product name and "issues" and you'll find a litany for just about anything, including the GH-3.

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