keep the 7100 and...

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Re: keep the 7100 and...

Ray, for you, it sounds like you've found your next camera.  Will be true for some others as well, but not me.

I shoot sports and that's my passion (not so much my skill).  I stand out in the rain if that's when the game is.  I've gotten better over time and get a lot of positive feedback from families of the players (high school).  I don't make any money, I just love shooting this way.  My D300 has been through a lot and still functions like new.  That's the kind of durability I expect from a D400.  The only D300 non-sports photos I take are occasional vacation shots and random shots now and then. For most of that type of shooting I actually rely on my Sony P&S.

While I believe the D7100 may well end up my next camera, it's only going to be that way if Nikon does not make a D400 - not because I wanted it.  And who knows, maybe a D3s will come my way instead.

I have stopped by my local dealer to try out the D7100 and while it's nice, it strikes me as too small for easy use, I miss some buttons, and maybe it's just me, but I hate paying for video features I'll never use (may be true on the D400 as well).

Enjoy the D7100 and photography in general.  I plan to enjoy the D400 and sports in general


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