Is a DP right for me?

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Re: What about a DP2 vs a DPm

WT21 wrote:

I've found a DP2 listed for less than $200. Would this be a good "starter" camera into the DP world, or is it so slow/old/quirky that it could turn me off from the DPs?

I pretty much concur with streeteyes' points above. What the Merrill cameras give you is tons of detail, with corresponding large file sizes. I've used the DP1, DP2, DP2Merrill cameras extensively. The original DP2 is NOT "slow/old/quirky" ... it's only lack is the extra detail of the Merrill sensor. If you can start off with a DP2, that would be fine in my opinion.

PS: I use SPP as my only RAW processor and have no hassles with it.

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current)

added: a few more comparisons, plus and minus. Because the original DP2 files are smaller, it writes faster to card. But also because the files are smaller, you don't have the luxury of cropping as much on the original DP2 files as on a DPxMerrill RAW file. I really haven't noted any problems with speed of AF on either, both suit me fine. Be aware that you need some contrast to get AF. I describe AF as it either focuses or doesn't. If it doesn't, reframe slightly to get more contrast into the focus [ ] and then reframe again. While SPP colormodes are supported on both cameras, perhaps the newest SPP versions have a few features that are not supported with the original DP2... but I'm not sure of that CA correction for example. But again I'm not sure and there is usually very little CA on either DP2 or DP2Merrill in my opinion and usage.

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