D200 using a Tamron Lens.

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Re: D200 using a Tamron Lens.

Chris Ainley wrote:

wow thanks guys for some brilliant advice and plenty of food for thought, i was becoming a bit disheartened with the D200 until i used the Nikon lens and saw what it was capable of ,ive actually ordered a 55-300 nikon lens so when it arrives i will be out there again.

i reset the D200 to factory and it has aprox 8000 clicks on it

ive ordered a copy of the book Rob mentioned and cant wait to delve in and start to learn what its all about.

i understand what was said about the difference in pictures, i probably didnt pick the best pictures to upload so i'll put up another couple ...... maybe im too critical ? but to me the Nikon lens seems 'alive' ...... i really must learn some correct terminology

i only ever use jpeg's as basically my computer doesnt like huge images.... and when i go out i tend to take 300+ shots so i actually prefer not to have to go into each image and start altering them.

thanks again for help, i really do appreciate it and i hope im not asking too much of what has already been covered.

Thank you again


Hi Chris,

For strict comparison purposes, it would be more obvious if you shot the same scene with each lens. But there is already a consistent pattern in your images: with the Tamron, the aperture is set to close to maximum, while with the Nikon, the lens is stopped down. All the Tamron pictures are taken at ISO 100, and if the light is not very bright, the camera will pick a wider aperture, at which the lens might not be at its best.

Did you select those shutter speeds and apertures, or are you just shooting in automatic mode?

Next time you test, I suggest you use both lenses in succession, set ISO to be the same. Ideally, shoot in manual mode. Again, this is for testing purposes, so you will be comparing oranges with oranges

Good luck!

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