25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

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Re: 25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

BHPhotog wrote:

I just spent 4 days with the Panasonic/Leica 25mm, comparing/contrasting to my 12-50 OM-D kit lens.

As expected, the IQ of the 25mm is stunningly good; the ability to shoot wide open and soften/blur the background was a revelation; the ability to shoot low light amazing. It is as good as the reports say.

But now the question: is anybody using only one prime on the OM-D or comparable MFT camera?

I accept the greater flexibility of the zoom, and the ideal setup would be a range of primes, but what about a single lens prime setup? This one or another. How is that working out for anyone out there? Problems, benefits of the one-lens kit...


Depends on your style of photography. I tend to use high quality zooms during the day (either the 9-18 or 12-35) and primes at night or in low light (either the 17mm or 25mm). I find both zooms more than sharp enough for my purposes; the advantage of using the primes is ability to shoot at low light with reasonable ISO or (in the case of the 25mm) to reduce depth of field. At the long end, you can also get pleasing background blur with the 12-35 at 2.8, although the effect won't be as strong as with the 45mm prime.

Owning multiple lenses doesn't mean you have to travel heavy or carry all of them. If I'm doing outdoor sightseeing in a city, the 9-18mm by itself is often enough. The 12-35 is also an excellent one-lens solution--thanks to the ISO capabilities of the newer Olympus sensors, it can take very good pictures indoors without flash as long as there's reasonable light.  If I'm in a non-urban setting and want to travel light, I tend to prefer the 12-35 over the 9-18.

As for the primes, it depends again on what I anticipate doing. The 17mm is excellent for photographing a dinner table, or several people in a compact area (although at f1.8, you have to be careful to get everyone in focus...). But if I've got room to move around, I usually prefer the 25mm lens. I do own the 45mm, but mainly use it for indoor events (like photographing speakers at a podium).

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