D200 using a Tamron Lens.

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Re: D200 using a Tamron Lens.

I would refer you to one of the fairly recent Thom's posts (I don't have a link, so you can dig for it), where he said that he pretty much stopped rating lenses. I'm trying to quote from memory, so may not be exactly what he said, but one of the reasons he gives is some odd interactions between some cameras and some lenses. There are filters sitting between the sensor and the lens which may contribute to it. There may also be alignment issues, and who knows what else. IIRC, D200 also doesn't have AF fine tune. But the bottom line, and this is amply confirmed by my personal experience, is that some lenses may work exceptionally well with one camera and be quite mediocre on some other camera. Or they may work well in only part of the zoom range (if they are zooms) or only for subjects at close, or conversely, far away distances. Some lenses, oddly, may seem improve when TC is used, -- go figure.

So, personally, I take a note of what camera/lens combination and in what type of environment gives me particularly good (or bad) results, and subsequently try to replicate -- or avoid -- it. These are precision tools built to certain tolerances, but sometimes camera and lens tolerances add up in way which may impact quality quite negatively, -- or be quite spectacular. So, no matter how DxO may rate a lens, unless you tried it with your specific camera you can't really be sure that it would live up to your expectations. That's the reality of it.

And, of course, what other posters said about differences in aperture is universally important in that small apertures tend to mask many problems.

Incidentally, my favorite lens for the D200 is a Tamron lens, 90mm f/2.8 macro.

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