How does a change in FL relate to a scalar change in FoV?

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Re: How does a change in FL relate to a scalar change in FoV?

edu T wrote:

Thanks all, gents.

Well, I see my question was sillier than I thought. It happens that after having seen many times FoV specified in degrees for a given sensor size, I got under the impression that its relationship to a "flat field" wasn't linear and ought to be thought in terms of projection. (Hope that makes sense. :-))

And didn't give it a second thought; as you can see, trigonometry isn't the only rusty thing in between my ears...

Well, it depends on what question you ask. Since you asked about field of view (FoV) then it really is a simple as the answers you've gotten: the change in linear dimensions are proportional to the change in focal length. But if you ask about angle of view (AoV), that's is non-linear and requires trigonometry.


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