25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

Started Jul 29, 2013 | Questions thread
Iskender Senior Member • Posts: 1,328
Try It!

Fundamentally, only you can learn what works for you. But it's certainly been done before!

Back when I shot exclusively with Four Thirds, my 14-42 zoom broke. For a long time I shot with mostly just the Sigma 30/1.4 (and rarely with a 40-150). In the 12-50 mm range the only focal lenth I used was 30mm, pretty much.

I got used to it and now work best at 60mm equivalent. 50 mm equivalent is significantly more conventional and should be easier to get used to.

I wouldn't sell the 12-50, but do put it aside and try using the single lens for weeks or months. You'll see if it works, eventually. You're right that you don't have to change lenses, just because you can: 50mm equivalent compacts are rare (are there any?), and you can't get a fixed-lens OM.

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