Fast sensors making fast lenses obsolete?

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Fast sensors making fast lenses obsolete?

It has been reminded in the '12 vs 16 Mpx' thread that in the transition the E-M5 earned 2 stops of DR (or SNR):

Thus opening new realms of low light and better tonal yeld. This was in turn confirmed by DxO, so for me the debate is long past, despite the other thread seems to prove that some are still unaware.

The sensor wars had been predicted by T. Hogan I believe. It is my contention that as a side effect they have made the collection of fast lenses precisely that: a collectors whim.

The only rationale left is bokeh, which I don't do. My genres Street and Landscape require maximum DOF.

At the same time Sigma proved recently that excellent lenses can be done for mirrorless with a moderate aperture for very cheap.

Incidentally Roger Cicala of Lensrentals observed that the star lens of m4/3, the P25/1.4 has very poor resolution at full aperture, compared to what it has at 2.8.

1.4 : 690 590

2.8: 960 820

which is about the same resolution of the Sigmas.

So this begs the question: can we have much less expensive lenses with the same efficiency of past expensive lenses, if we give up inefficient fast apertures?

After all the 16 Mpx sensor earned 2 stops of sensitivity in one go, and certainly more will come, since sensor progress is strategic for smart phones too.

I am sure that lens collectors will take this as a provocation. But I am speaking for photogs - lens collectors I couldn't care less.

It is well known that in film rangefinder times f/2.8 was considered the sweet spot for resolution, and makers optimised optical design for that - and small size. There are not only Leica, but also Nikons and Canons of the 1950s proving how good the design was.

It seems that Sigma rediscovered the concept. Imagine how much money could be saved by better sensor technology...


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