Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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Re: Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

TTMartin wrote:

To me the biggest advantage to Canon coming out with a high megapixel dSLR, would be that it might reduce the number of Nikon D800 users coming to this forum, trying to convince me, and maybe themselves from their veracity, that the Nikon D800 is the 'gift from God' camera. Perhaps every other discussion here wouldn't turn into a how great the Nikon D800 is, or maybe I'm just dreaming.

Sorry, I wouldn't keep a Nikon D800 even if it were given to me free. I've purchased the cameras that work best for ME. Those cameras are NOT the Nikon D800 and never will be.

I don't feel my photography is limited by either the Dynamic Range or the Resolution of my Canon cameras. I've seen no convincing arguments that I would benefit from moving from Canon.

In fact as a former Nikon user, I'm well aware that the grass is not greener in the Nikon world. Which is why I wonder if those who post here are actually trying to convince themselves as much, as they are trying to convince the Canon users in this forum.

The issue seems to be the obsession with some  about the D8** (presumably some kind of camera inferiority complex). Whatever the discussion, they seem unable to avoid bringing the D8** into it, and then, of course someone replies, and then they can whinge about how someone always has to say how great the D8** is.

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