Bought an SL1 - lenses suggestion pls

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Re: Bought an SL1 - lenses suggestion pls

lasuther wrote:

The two lens I'm using now are 40mm STM and 20mm f3.5 Voigtlander. It's easy to focus manually, very light, and photos look great.

Thx I will try out the Voig 20mm at shop and see if my skill can afford it

The red focus confirmation dot works with the lens while manual focusing. And so does the focus confirmation beep. While testing it I would turn the beep on if you have it off just to see how it works.

I think I have found a solution for my WA. I will probably buy a Ricoh GR or Nikon A as a light companion to my SL1. It is just a little more than 200g, can go with me anytime. Just wonder how much better in low light it is vs my Kit lens, but surely it is a lot lighter.



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