Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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There's a strong psychological component to what we see, experience, and base our perspectives on. Many people are willing to pay a stiff premium to think they are getting better IQ. I've come to believe firmly that perspective is the Achilles heel of the mind.

There is also undeniably better image quality behind better lenses and the march of technology does improve sensors. Processing software improves older sensors' output too. I see the tech advantage when I'm pushing high ISO to keep my shutter speeds up at a soccer game in the late evening. A faster lens helps a ton as does cleaner high ISO (and a good gimbal head). A good monitor that is correctly calibrated is essential in seeing the differences in IQ too.

IMO, part of the obsessing comes from the nature of viewing sizes of images on screen. Every computer has the near instant ability to zoom to the point that every picture looks awful or at least one completely loses the picture in the pixels. It's easy to get "logical" and hypothesize that the picture that falls apart last (as you zoom in) is from the best camera. But if they are falling apart at 300% vs. 308% it's kind of a logical fallacy too. Practicality is lost in the process and that's why so many people call these folks measurbators because they are just stroking theirs to please themselves.



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What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?

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