25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

Started Jul 29, 2013 | Questions thread
Paul JM Contributing Member • Posts: 597
Use what works for you

I would ignore all the shyte about using a single prime being counter intuitive. Use what works for you.

You will hear a pile of advice about 50 35mmequiv being too long etc, but just ignore it. I used the OMD with the 20mm pancake for about 18 months before I bought three other primes. For me, as a walk around, the OMD with a standard prime of high quality is just fantastic. I ended up buying 12 45 and 75 mm Oly primes, and use them sometimes, but usually just walk around with the 20mm

Frankly, the only prime for MFT worth its salt is the panny 2.8, and it is just so expensive, that it is cheaper to buy a fuji xe1 with zoom than to buy the panny lens alone

If you like the focal length of the 25mm, use it alone. If your heart ends up crying for a different length, get that when you can afford it.

Ignore the naysayers. As I have said 1000 times, you will develop your photographic skills much faster using a standard length prime than any other lens.

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