Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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Re: Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

rkhndjr wrote:

I read so much about the IQ with this or that camera and lens that I truly wonder if I am just not seeing the same images at times. It has always seemed to me that an image from any decent camera and lens was good in my estimation, disregarding all the highly technical aspects which are brought up in replies.

People are not born with good tastes, they develop them.

Is there really that much change between images taken with any camera and lens??

Yes, gear matters, and matters a lot for those who have developed the taste to appreciate a good picture and willing to work on it. For random P&S shooters taking random pictures with random gear it doesn't really matter -- one can take crappy pictures with any camera, it's when you try to achieve something better and in less than in ideal conditions then the equipment suddenly becomes very important.

How many look forward to seeing a nice picture without critique of some sort. Do all the equations and talk of the sensors, et cetera lead to a better understanding of how to take a good picture, and is it necessary?

It would be strange for anybody interested in any field not to try to gain understanding of how things work.

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