25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

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Re: 25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

Although I plan to add a few more lenses eventually (just ordered an ancient OM 135/2.8), there are currently only 2 lenses I own - Oly 12-50 and PL 25.

There are really two kinds of photos I take

1. Pics of my 4 year-old daughter

2. Anything else.

For most of my purpose for 1 and some for 2, PL 25 is great and it stays with my OMD. For some other instances, however, the 50mm equivalent focal length is too limited.

As a few already mentioned, this really boils down to what kind of pics you take. If one focal length pretty much covers most of what you do, then go for it. If not, grab a few more.

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OM-D E-M5, Oly 12-50, PL 25 1.4, FL-600R.

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