25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

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Re: 9-18mm for just a single lens

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I just spent 4 days with the Panasonic/Leica 25mm, comparing/contrasting to my 12-50 OM-D kit lens.

As expected, the IQ of the 25mm is stunningly good; the ability to shoot wide open and soften/blur the background was a revelation; the ability to shoot low light amazing. It is as good as the reports say.

But now the question: is anybody using only one prime on the OM-D or comparable MFT camera?

I accept the greater flexibility of the zoom, and the ideal setup would be a range of primes, but what about a single lens prime setup? This one or another. How is that working out for anyone out there? Problems, benefits of the one-lens kit...


You will certainly find some people say that they only use one prime lens, but now that I own the 9-18mm m.zuiko lens, I think that is the only lens I want to use for daytime photos.

I think the prime-only guys are foolish if they are using only the prime for situations where wide apertures are not called for.

I too like the 9-18mm, it's brilliant lens.

but...IMO, it depends what are you using the camera for. I like the wide angle as well and could happily live with 12mm or 14mm on the camera all the time. But, I also like to shoot nature, so 60mm macro is at the moment my daily lens.

I've the 25mm 1.4 and I hardly use it, but it's handy for the low light indoors. So, I guess, you will always have the situations when you will miss the opportunity if you have only one lens.

But you know beforehand when you are going to be indoors.

So if you are going on a nature hike, you can leave the 25mm home.

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