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Re: Bride shot C&C

What you should have done differntly?
You have been informed about the location, but failed to uncover the time constraints.

You obviously were at the location before them, and should immediately have spotted the problems with the background. Despite this you failed to rig your equipment for the situation before they arrived.

And, exactly how long does it take to put a flash on the camera or a tripod? Even with only 10 minutes you should have done that.

You also choose to use the brightest tree as the background for her head/veil.

Very passive pose. Pose also makes her head very strange, not very natural.

A little bend in the elbow would be nice.

Looks like the flowers are glued to her arm..

AND - you should also respond to the people you ask for help....

The Battery wrote:

Looking for some C&C on this picture.

D800, f/4 1/400 ISO100 50mm 25-70 f/2.8

Brandywine park. Pretty much an open field with a gazeebo off to camera left, one big tree behind me.

We had about 10 minutes and I had no say over the location. The limo stopped and the bride and groom got out and informed me they only had the limo for another 20 minutes...

I dont care for how bright the background is (If I had the time, i'd have underexposed the shot by two or three stops and lit her with a shoot-through...) I chose this pose because of time constraints. As soon as I took this picture, I told the groom to go stand in front of her so she didnt have to move, (apparently its difficult to walk in grass with heels on!) and then I moved around them and shot her looking over his shoulder. Back in the car!

What would you have done differently? I feel like this shot is just lacking something.



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