25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

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Re: 9-18mm for just a single lens

sigala1 wrote:

BHPhotog wrote:

I just spent 4 days with the Panasonic/Leica 25mm, comparing/contrasting to my 12-50 OM-D kit lens.

As expected, the IQ of the 25mm is stunningly good; the ability to shoot wide open and soften/blur the background was a revelation; the ability to shoot low light amazing. It is as good as the reports say.

But now the question: is anybody using only one prime on the OM-D or comparable MFT camera?

I accept the greater flexibility of the zoom, and the ideal setup would be a range of primes, but what about a single lens prime setup? This one or another. How is that working out for anyone out there? Problems, benefits of the one-lens kit...


You will certainly find some people say that they only use one prime lens, but now that I own the 9-18mm m.zuiko lens, I think that is the only lens I want to use for daytime photos.

I think the prime-only guys are foolish if they are using only the prime for situations where wide apertures are not called for.

I too like the 9-18mm, it's brilliant lens.

but...IMO, it depends what are you using the camera for. I like the wide angle as well and could happily live with 12mm or 14mm on the camera all the time. But, I also like to shoot nature, so 60mm macro is at the moment my daily lens.

I've the 25mm 1.4 and I hardly use it, but it's handy for the low light indoors. So, I guess, you will always have the situations when you will miss the opportunity if you have only one lens.

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