25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

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Yehuda_ wrote:

Abrak wrote:

It really doesnt make a lot of sense to buy an interchangeable lens camera and then only put one lens on it.

Now this is the kind of response that just frosts my cookies. I ask one question but get an answer to a different one.

The OM-D is arguably the best MFT camera on the market. It offers an outstanding range of customization, a world-class sensor and perhaps the best JPEG engine available. It also offers for me an ideal blend of portability and usability. None of that is diminished by using just one top quality prime lens, so it makes perfect "sense" to use it that way if that best fits my needs.

That's why I asked if people who have tried the one-prime lens system think of it, pro/con. I did not ask your opinion of how to use an interchangeable lens camera; and I frankly don't care whether you think using such a camera with one prime lens makes any "sense."

Stick to the question.

I think abrak's answer was very relevant to the way you stated your question:
Q:do people use only one lens....?
A: it wouldn't make mich sense to do that.

In that case, you aren't answering the question either. If I ask how "A" vs. "B" works, it's off-topic to answer "neither." I took his answer to be neither, and that did not speak to the question.

Your response however was very rude. who are you to tell him to stick to the question? No one owes you anything here.

Who am I to "tell him to stick to the question?" I am the person who asked the question. Who else would evaluate the answer. Your statement about "no one owes you anything here" is, in this context, irrelevant and inappropriate.

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