Is digital zoom a worthless gimmick?

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Re: Is digital zoom a worthless gimmick?

I take a lot of travel photos. I do not post process unless I have to. I am satisfied with a pleasing picture I can view on my computer or occasional 8x10 prints max. I am not a pixel peeper.

Regarding digital zoom. I use it often when the subject it too far away for the shot I want. My X20 only has a 4X zoom. Intelligent zoom gives me 8X and no need to crop in post processing and much, better exposure in many cases. Here are two examples. One shot normal and one shot with intelligent zoom. My focus was on the hedge and and porch behind it. Just went outside after reading these posts and took these examples.

In the first shot (digital zoom). The hedge and porch was better exposed because the camera exposed for my area of interest without being effected by surroundings I did not want.

The second shot (normal) is under exposed for my area of interest (porch & hedge) because the surroundings that I did not want were in the frame and effect the exposure.

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