Olympus OM-D EM-5 3D shots

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Re: There is an invisible Cha Cha - not!

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

There is definitely a second image, taken after the first, going into that stereo pair. You can see the time-alignment errors in the moving fireplace frame.

I'm betting that there is a Cha Cha taken by the camera's liveview mode as you align the images. That image would be crappy relative to the original exposure:, underexposed, lower resolution, off color, more motion-blurred, and lacking niceties like fill flash..

Whatver they did, they didn't do too bad a job. Normally, this technique produces a lot more occlusion errors than I see in the Oly image

Anyone here knows how Olympus do the magic ?

I don't know for sure, but I guess really, really well.

Joseph, I'm guessing you haven't used the OM-D for 3D photos.  There is no "invisible cha-cha" going on.

The OM-D actually works like every other 3D app out there - you take the left-hand photo, then it shows a "ghost" of that image and asks you to pan right and take the right-hand photo.

There is no magic, it's a basic, normal stereo pair. You take 2 photos as usual.  And with stereo pair software can extract the 2 original images from the merged .MPO file.
Agreed about how you can create a pair using mismatched image quality though, although it's not what the Olympus does.

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