25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

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Re: If you want a single prime, get a Fuji X100.

The prime bug just didn't tick it for me.
I had the 20 1.7 & 25 1.4 in different tines and sold them both.
My current kit is the 12-35 2.8, 7.5mm fisheye and 45 1.8 for shooting portraits and very low light scenarious like bonfires at night on the beach etc.

I feel I lost close to nothing in IQ when comparing the 12-35 to the 25 1.4.
I also think 2.8 (equivalent to dof you'll get using 5.6 on a FF) is a good compromise with just a bit of shallow dof (@35 mm) while retaining enough sharpness.
I'm not a big fan of all those ultra shallow dof shots were the eye is in focus and the rest of the face is a dreamy blur. When overused it gets boring and usually doesn't fit what I try to convey in my photography.

But if course this is a matter of preferance. No right answer here.

About the price of the 12-35 - that's the most expensive lens I bought but I'm so happy with it that it garnered zero buyers' remorse.
And fyi I had the 14-45 (best iq in kit lens. not the 14-42 variants) and, lens reviiews aside, the 12-35 is simply much better in many small ways that can inly be experienced by using both in the real world. I shot small events with both and took vacation photographt with both.
The difference is much bigger than I expected and not only due to the constant aperture.

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