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Nikon2011 wrote:

Future user wrote:

JP Scherrer wrote:

BTW, you didn't answer my question: how old are you ? If you're under 20, I can sort of understand your way of thinking, but if you're older than that, I'm afraid you have a problem: GET A REAL LIFE !

I'm 30 and have a real life already, which I don't want to lose thanks to all these bastards. I want to control all the situations whenever possible. If Al Qaeda put a bomb where I travel, that's uncontrollable. However, I can have a self-defense if some thieves attack me. Fortunately, I must say again, I haven't had to use my relatively small but effective weapon, but it's there, just in case

how about spending half (or all) the rest of your life in a russian (or whatever) prison full of criminals (of all kind, not only camera stealers) and without any more weapons (in prison perhaps)

you might be going from bad to a lot worse

He won't ever get in this situation. Even if he manages to enter a plane armed, he will end up in prison at the moment of entering any country in possession of fire arms.

AFAIK even in the US foreign tourists with fire arms are not well received, and in most states shooting a thieve is an offence.


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