18-55 or 18-135 for SL1???

Started Jul 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
nghiacc Junior Member • Posts: 25
Re: 18-135 for SL1

The picture quality of the 18-135mm is equal or better than the kit zoom, and it has all the latest features too - STM, etc.

And you are correct - the bigger lens gives you much more flexibility and it is only slightly larger. If you get the kit lens, you will always be tempted to get more lenses and end up spending more with less ease of use (changing lenses).

Obviously if you want to *initially* go "cheap' and "small" the cheaper, smaller lens is better. But carrying one lens rather than two or more is cheaper and smaller.

Really just my opinion only, I think the concept behind Dslr is to have more than one lens, isn't it :)? I think we cannot have it all, just how much compromise we should make lol

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