What are the ultra-wide-angle options for the NEX?

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Re: What are the ultra-wide-angle options for the NEX?

Mel Snyder wrote:

I have absolutely ZERO problems framing a shot with the Rokinon. The NEX-6 has an EVF, and a leveling display that, frankly, should be in every camera. Together, ANYONE can get VERY precise framing with the Rokinon.

Well, good for you. It looks like your examples were shot 16x9, which makes estimating where things will end up easier (by leaving out the most distorted corners), but great if that works for you. It doesn't work for everybody because it certainly doesn't work for me -- and I've used a lot of fisheye lenses.

For less than $300, you simply aren't going to touch the Rokinon for superwide.

I sort-of agree with that. If you're happy with just one focal length in that rather large portion of the view-angle spectrum, and you don't mind postprocessing every shot, the Samyang (by any brandname) is a great choice. Well, actually, I have a tiny little 12mm Spiratone fisheye that cost $65 and you could use it instead of the Samyang, but IQ on the Spiratone isn't as good.

I really get upset when people on the forum make newcomers feel they need to spend a lot of money to get good results from their NEX investment.

Most lenses in my collection cost $30 or less each, and I strongly discourage folks from spending hundreds more on lenses that have dubious extra utility. I'll also say (and I said before) not everybody needs an 8-16mm. However, if you need a really versatile superwide, the $650 Sigma 8-16mm is actually cheaper than the few alternatives available -- which all involve full-frame bodies and even more expensive lenses.

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