Bought an SL1 - lenses suggestion pls

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Re: Bought an SL1 - lenses suggestion pls

nghiacc wrote:

Thanks All. I think I have decided on 40stm and 85f18. Will take a look at Sigma 30 as the shop owner also recommend it for me. Wonder if canon 28mm f2.8 would be better choice (doesnt meant IQ).
The 15-85 would be on a heavy side for me, and that I have already the 18-55 stm which is really light. Just wanted to add more primes.
Will consider samyang 14mm later after I settle down with the three lenses but I think it would be a great one.

Looks like you exactly know what you want. Good idea to second opinion here.

Let us know what you ended up with.

At least have a look at the Sigma 18-35 f1.8, just a thought.

Here a pretty good review. The reviewer even mentions it nice for street.

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Cheers Mike

Thx Mike. The sigma is bulky and heavy to me. Let me explore other options to see if I end up buying more than one lens, then this might be a better option.

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