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Re: I'm going to return my mkii

newellj wrote:

WT21 wrote:

I had the mkii over the weekend. I'm going to return it mainly for cost reasons (i.e. the benefits don't outweigh the cost).

I figure I could sell my mki for $400 net, so that means +$350 for the mkii.

I like the wifi option, but it's not critical. I also like the FL detents, but again, not critical. The hot shoe is not important to me.

I like the idea of the flip-out LCD (actually, it's the reason I bought it), but it kept catching when I'd try to just slide it out. I actually consider this a design defect, and the biggest reason I'm returning it.

I don't see any difference in image quality, and the output seemed less sharp, though that could be due to sample variation on the lens.

So, for my uses, +$350 for wifi and a problematic flippy LCD is not enough justification. YMMV of course.

On the positive side, this means that the mki continues to be one of the best camera buys I've made in years

I made the other decision - I think the articulated screen is likely to be worth a good bit in terms of flexibility.

I really don't think the screen is an issue or "problematic" and certainly not defective - I pull it down from the top and everything works smoothly. The only way I can get a hitch is by force-pulling it up from the bottom and intentionally keeping the top edge against the camera, which actually takes a lot of work.

I did a lot of comparative tests at ISO ranging from base ISO to 800 in raw and am convinced there is no difference in sharpness in favor of either camera. Comparing OOC jpgs is a different matter but if that's the assignment then camera settings have to be evaluated in order for the comparison to be meaningful.

Depending on condition, you should be able to get at least $500 for the Mk1. At least, until Monday. Sony is going to announce a rebate on the Mk1 tomorrow - or so my dealer tells me.

How much, how much?

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