Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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In a nutshell, yep

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

I see very little difference between my G5 and any other camera but I do see incredible differences when comparing to someone's pictures taken with the best glass. I have always looked in awe at bird pictures with Oly 4/3s 300mm and there is nothing I can do about it because a) no glass like that exists for m4/3s and b) even if it did I couldn't afford it.

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That's basically it, although there is a difference between what we use and FF sensors as well. I see it everyday with the people I shoot next to. They can use settings I can only dream of and still crop like crazy.

Lenses, yep for sure Trev. If the sensor out resolves the lens, then there will always be an issue. If we can get closer with the quality of lenses to the lenses out resolving the sensor, I'll take that any day.

All the best Trev and give me lenses any day as well.


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