Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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Re: Not that big a deal

David Kieltyka wrote:

With experience people begin seeing nuances in image quality that they missed earlier on. But when you first look at a photo and it has those few seconds to either make an impact or not, such nuances are irrelevant. The qualities of the photographer matter a whole lot more. Note that I'm talking about looking at other people's photos. When looking at our own, we tend to be reminded of stuff that skews our ability to dispassionately evaluate what we've done. Which is why photographers are often poor judges of their own work.

Anyway, if the photographer has an eye for compelling or pleasing composition and is competent technically, most gear in most situations will be good enough to get the job done. Anything beyond that is in, shall we say, rarefied air. More than meaningless, less than significant.

And as the saying goes, It ain't the tool, it's the fool.

You said it good, Dave.


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