Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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I read so much about the IQ with this or that camera and lens that I truly wonder if I am just not seeing the same images at times. It has always seemed to me that an image from any decent camera and lens was good in my estimation, disregarding all the highly technical aspects which are brought up in replies. Is there really that much change between images taken with any camera and lens?? How many look forward to seeing a nice picture without critique of some sort. Do all the equations and talk of the sensors, et cetera lead to a better understanding of how to take a good picture, and is it necessary? Just my thoughts this morning and I hope I did not offend any one. No bad thoughts in my mind, just curious.

No, all of the equations and technical discussion of sensors and camera capabilities do NOT help anyone master the essential fundamentals of photographic composition. Training your eye and brain to recognize a photo opportunity is the most difficult and elusive part of this hobby/profession, and I would venture to guess that most digital cameras sold in the past 10 years would be adequate to get started with that.

The training eye and brain have little to do with my post, really. No offense intended. I just want to see how many people really appreciate an image as is, no PP or anything else. How happy are we with an image? My words about a good image should have been sufficient for anyone here to understand the limitations entailed by my words.

All of this technical pickiness comes in from two directions (which are not necessarily mutually exclusive, although they can be):
1) Photography has a heavily gear-oriented focus for a lot of particpants. It's always been that way, and I think always will be. Some of the gear-driven participants can be really excellent photographers; others can be mediocre or terrible; it truly runs the gamut.
2) Some photographers are seeking a particular look or feel to their images, or photograph subjects or situations that are difficult for some gear to capture adequately. As a result they chase the technology, hoping it catches up with what they need/would like it to do. It's these photographers for whom small differences in image output jumps out and becomes a big deal.

Whether or not you see a difference between one camera's output and another thus really depends on a combinations of training and expectations.....and not everyone needs the ultimate photographic setup to do good work, either.

Look, I have been involved in photography for the past 40 years, with the past 10 being the first time I have had much of an opportunity to really work with it. I have good and bad shots from all the cameras I have had, and honestly, a really good shot from any of them, no matter when taken, is still a really good shot, even if the camera was less than stellar. The thing is, as my technical expertise has grown, and my understanding of what a camera and lenses can and can't do have increased, I find that I am more sensitive to what the output looks like, and I can pick up differences in image quality that I would not have seen before. It's those differences that push me to consider newer camera bodies with better specifications, still. We ARE getting awfully close now, though, to the point at which, even for me, the advances may not justify a new body for rather a while...

Well put. Some people still show great images from a ten year old camera and are happy with it. That is what matters. New gear will only cost a lot of money and I am an expert on that part:-)) It is all fun up to a point. I have taken pictures for over 60 years and have many framed very nice pics on the walls around me in this room. But I never took a lesson, shot all of them from an aesthetic point of view and hoped.



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