Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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Re: Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

dave rogers wrote:

When I was young and music came on vinyl, the stereo setup was treated as a kind of an alter, and the act of listening to music was almost  a religious rite. (Carefully remove the disk from the sleeve, sometimes wipe it down with some anti-static, dust removing fluid, carefully place the cartridge onto the platter, listen to five or six songs, then repeat.) And we all argued about how many hz our amplifiers could accurately recreate without distortion, how much "wow and flutter" our direct drive, quartz-locked turntables produced.

Reminds me of a high school friend of mine in the late '60s who had an awesome stereo system, including a then-state-of-the-art reel-to-reel.  I came over to check it out.  What he played for me was the theme song from "Mission Impossible" as recorded off the TV.  Music didn't really interest him -- his hobby was hardware for sound reproduction.

I didn't get that at the time, but I understand it now.  Being a gearhead is easy -- it just takes money and the desire to keep up with the latest specs.  People invest a lot ot themselves in those specs.  By the same token, I know some guitar collectors who can barely play, and I'm sure every field has its equivalent.  Learning photography, or music, or whatever it is that the gear is designed for -- that's hard work and requires a much deeper commitment.

Not being critical here, I'm as susceptible to gear acquistion syndrome as the next guy.  And the two are not mutually exclusive -- there are gearheads who are also fine artists.

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