Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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Guy Parsons
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Re: Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

Yes, good gear makes it easier to get good images.

And if that good gear makes it easier then more effort can go to getting a pleasing result instead of wasting time on battling the camera.

In film days the quest for more reliable results to allow me to more easily get the shot led me to medium format, owning both 6x6cm (Kowasix) and 6x4.5cm (Bronica ETRS) cameras at various times. In fact I traded in a rather complete Olympus Pen FT outfit to buy an extra lens for the Kowasix at one stage. Half frame photography was so poor then due to the available films and medium format splendid compared to 35mm film.

In film days as now, it was the bigger format that made good photography easier - but the weight then meant that it never was taken out every time.

Now in my wrinkly years I still would love large (sensor) format photography but the weight and bulk of current full frame is not my scene any more, the M4/3 outfit is just the right size and now with the better sensor allows easier ways to get the shot and thus allow me to spend more effort on the arty side of the equation if deemed necessary at the time.

Truth be though that some years in camera clubs got the need for competition and "always presenting an arty shot" out of my system. The main aim now for me is to record what I see and if an arty situation presents itself then I will indulge in what I call my "camera clubby" shots.

Oh, what was the question? Yes, I do see a difference in going from 12MP (E-PL1 and E-P3)  to the 16MP sensor (E-PL5) and that coupled with significant improvements in AF and convenience of features makes the latest package feel so good to me.

Regards..... Guy

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