Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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Re: 20mm 1.7

"That said, gear does matter, and I am especially annoyed by those who think that the 20mm pancake is perfect. I tried it for a few weeks, I couldn't get the shots I wanted because of the slow AF speed."

A big Amen to that.

I had the 20mm 1.7 as my only lens for over a year on an older E-P2 and while image quality was absolutely flawless, I eventually grew extremely frustrated with its slow focus and many missed shots as a result.

Before I upgraded to the newer OMD EM5, the Oly 17mm 1.8 focus speed was very noticably superior and an all-around better lens on my E-P2 then the Panny 20mm. Even the (unfairly) less-regarded 17mm 2.8 focuses much faster!

So yes, gear does matter - especially fast, quality lenses. It all comes down to a balance of *increasing* shooting flexibility while decreasing instances of missed photo opportunities.

For me, IMHO, the 17mm 1.8 ticks more boxes for flexibility. Then again, some photographers may not put low-light (or even focus speed) as a high priority and would value a WA or super zoom a lot more. So much depends on shooting style & personal preferences, really.



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