USED 70-200 F2.8 VR II or NEW 70-200 F4 (VR III)?

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Re: USED 70-200 F2.8 VR II or NEW 70-200 F4 (VR III)?

I tested both the f2.8II and f4 long and hard before I finally settled on the f4. I bought mine here in Toronto as well (Henry's at 1200+tax), and you'll never find one used (I know - I searched and waited forever), so don't waste your time.

For my style of shooting, which is primarily nature/landscape/travel and some family portraits, the f/4 was the winner mainly due to the size & weight. When you really hold the f2.8 in your hands you will realize that this lens may intimidate some people around you (more so than the f4), no matter if you are shooting candid family portraits or even landscapes or travel shots when there are other people around. I my admittedly narrow-minded opinion, the only time you would be comfortable shooting with the f2.8 is if you are a professional, sports, wedding or portrait photographer, which I am not. In some public settings, I am much more likely to take the f4 out of my bag than I would be if I had the f2.8. I know it sounds silly, but this was an important factor to me.

On top of the size/weight & intimidation factor issue, the f/4 focuses closer (3.3 ft vs 4.3 ft) and does not focus breathe (it shoots 200m FOV at close focus distances), which means it's very possible to get nice OOF backgrounds for portrait shots similar to the f2.8 if you shoot your subject at 200mm and at close distances. You can get more magnification on close subjects. The f2.8 will give you better OOF areas and subject isolation when your subject is further away.

I also did notice the VR of the f4 was better than the f2.8.

If you're just shooting snap-shots with it, then give the 70-300 VR a good look, as the IQ is about 95% as good as the f4 in terms of sharpness when stopped down, especially at the 70mm end.

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