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Post Trip notes on my setup

Someone sent me a PM asking about my setup and I realized I had not gone back to this thread to update!

I'm considering doing a full separate post on this that goes a little more in depth and some other solutions I've been testing if people are interested in such a post. I just need to find the time to write it! lol.

I should note that my final solution is a little different that the one I originally had in mind as during the testing process, I found other things worked better.

This was my response to the person who PM'd me:

First, my setup was the iUSBport, a 64 & 32GB flash drive , 64gb iPad Mini w/ the ShutterSnitch app & my Camera w/ a WiFi card (the Transcend or EyeFi cards work fine).

The key to this whole setup was ShutterSnitch. It allows import of the images in RAW and .jpg, you can import both or just .jpg. SS allows you to import the images onto your iPad within the app, but not directly into the Photos app. Things get messy when you start importing things there.

At the end of each day, I would import the RAW files into SS where you can view them, save them to the camera roll, export via FTP, Flickr and a bunch of other places.

The RAW file transfer from the WiFi card to the iPad is probably what takes the longest in this whole process. Probably an hour for 150-200 RAW files. Again, I did this at night for a reason. Once the RAW files were in SS, I exported them via FTP to the iUSBport w/ the 64GB key. The batch for the day probably took 10 min max.

Hope that helps. I can't say how long a full 32gb would take because I worked in batches. I had no problems transferring large RAW & .jpg files over 10mb.

Again, I used ShutterSnitch and the iUSBport was purely a backup solution for me. I was able to view all files but once I verified that they were all there, I turned it off since I had the files w/i ShutterSnitch on my iPad also.

Good luck. I suggest experimenting based on your need. That's what I did and this is the solution that worked for me. Your milage may vary.

I was in some very remote places so backing things up to Flickr & dropbox were not possible due to lack of internet...and space on those services. Flicker does not allow RAW.

I learned the hard way that importing things to the iPad via cable is a mess. It's faster than a WiFi transfer if you need to do this quickly but it id not work the way I needed it to so opted for a WiFi camera-to-iPad transfer.

If this is a travel backup solution - BACK UP EVERY NIGHT. Otherwise...it gets cumbersome.

I kept the photos on my iPad and the iUSBport/flash drive was a backup solution. If I needed more space on my ipad, I deleted Movies that I already saw. It never got full enough that I needed to delete any albums on my iPad. But I would have been ok doing so as I had a 2nd 32GB flash drive that I could have exported to...a back up to the backup

Hope that helps.

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