the D4x is coming.

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Re: the D4x is coming.

Duckysaurus wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

Well, it's out there but Nikon has very serious NDAs. Most likely a 36 mp with 6 fps, etc. Most folks are happy with the D800 but there are a lot of pros out there waiting for THE journalism and sports camera that need the 36 mp at a full 6 (maybe 8 cropped) fps. Probably bump to 12,800 ISO with same lack of noise and no AA filter. (I think Nikon has another way so video isn't so susceptible to moire.) Expect the D3x to drop even more. Yes, it's a "rumor", but some rumors are more valid yhan others.

More likely to be a 22-26 MP with same 9-15 FPS (RAW-JPEG) on the EXPEED 4 (maybe dual-core). If it's 36MP with 6 FPS, might as well just have two D800s on CH mode next to each other shooting a split second apart for similar price (only drawback would be two lenses, but you'll have 2 bodies instead of one). Just illogical.

If it's 36MP, there's really no way to increase the pixel sizes to reduce the noise in higher ISOs.

that is likely close to the spec of the D4S will be and it is about two years after the release of the base camera that the S version comes out so maybe the camera that is coming is not a D4X at all but instead the D4S is what's coming, then again it is usually after a year or so that the X version comes out so it could go either way at this point IMO. What is certain is a camera with the specs you describe would not be called the D4X since the X version is always the high resolution, low fps camera.

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