What are the ultra-wide-angle options for the NEX?

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Re: What are the ultra-wide-angle options for the NEX?

DWMurf wrote:

I’m trying to put together the possible alternative for ultra-wide-angle lenses and methods for my new NEX. I wonder what others here may have to say about all this.

The new 16-50 zoom on my NEX 3n is compact and a very handy focal range. I like the 24m equivalent wide end of the zoom for architectural and interior snapshots. But the thing that interested me from the first NEX’s was the 16mm pancake with ultra wide and fisheye conversion lenses available, so I am still considering this as an option because I want to go wider.

There is in-camera sweep panorama mode which works well but there are occasional stitching and parallax errors. There is also the curved distortion of straight lines that isn’t ideal for architectural photos. There is also post processing to stitch images together on the computer with some of the same problems.

There is also the new 10-50 mm zoom but it is expensive. The straight lines stay straight but there is the increasing stretching of objects the further out you go in focal length and further out to the edge of the photo. Perspective gets exaggerated and people or objects look distorted at the edges of the frame.

There are my legacy OM lenses which work well but the crop factor makes the wide angle lenses not wide angle anymore. There is the possibility of adapting the Lens Turbo or Speed Booster to work with my OM lenses I suppose or wait for the long rumored full frame NEX.

Then there is the acclaimed Rokinon 8mm fisheye available with a NEX mount. There has been a lot of enthusiasm for using Imagetrends Fisheye-Hemi software with this lens to correct some of the fisheye distortion. The idea of using one lens capable of 180 degree diagonal angle of view and manipulating the perspective in post process is very appealing. It seems like a compact, economical, all-in-one solution if it works well.

There are a number of threads related to this topic on this forum and others which I’ll gather the links to here, not only to put this all together in my own mind but to encourage input from others here.

Correction: I meant 10-18 mm zoom, not 10-50 mm. Nice dream if it only came true.

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