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They're both wrong

The Chambers article is about as shallow and as uniformed as I've seen, someone desperately clinging to the 'bigger is better' mantra, with a dose of 'crank up the web hit statistics with outrageous statements', and probably some 'cater to the current APS owners' tossed in. In fact, M43 has the best selection of native glass, both kit and high grade, including the 'nonexistant very sharp fast primes' like the 75 1.8, 20 1.7, 17 1.8, 45 1.8, 12 2.0... plus the distinctly non video oriented Voigtlander 17 and 25 .95... soon to add a 50 compact zooms like the Panasonic 12-35 and 35-100 constant F2.8... wicked sharp macro with the MZD 60 2.8... ultra wides like the 7-14 and 9-18... long tele with the 75-300 and 100-300, which is 600mm in FF AOV... the list of native, size optimized glass for M43 is extensive.

It's the APS CSC companies that have fallen flat - they don't have squat for native glass right now. In fact, the leader in APS CSC, in terms of quality glass, is not Canon, Nikon, or Sony, but... Fuji. Chambers didn't highlight that, because it wouldn't cater to the C/N audience he is after. And Fuji's advantage isn't the APS size, but their particular sensor design. A Fuji sensor in M43 size, would render about the same.

If anything factual can be taken from the Chambers blog, it is that M43 is now a serious contender, if it draws lopsided and factually flawed trolls like that. Of course, what troll isn't lopsided and factually flawed? Methinks they're getting nervous.

Hogan is more in line, but I do disagree on some points.

Panasonic is being hammered by the Koreans on their traditional electronics markets, but they do have a decent foothold in the CSC market. The GX7 that is likely to come out this fall includes IBIS (a first for them) and an uprated sensor - not the product of a company that's getting out of that market. They have turned out some surprisingly high quality lenses, for a company that doesn't have a long history of making lenses. Apparently, they learned well from their association with Leica.

Olympus uses the fast moving digital camera market to fine tune imaging products for the much slower moving medical imaging market that they dominate. This doesn't mean that they can lose huge sums of money on the camera business, just that there is an additional reason to push ahead with M43, one that's difficult to quantify, hard to put on a balance sheet, but quite valuable to their real money maker, and a prime reason they are leading that market.

I'm an M43 owner, and I'm not even remotely nervous. It's where all the really cool and interesting things are happening. Of the CSC systems, M43 is by far the most developed and well rounded, and is moving forward at the quickest pace. We have bodies ranging from the ultra small EPM and GF series, through the small and very capable EPL and GX, to the capable and very good G and EP series, to the high end OMD and GH series. Glass? Piles of it, and a fair amount of very high quality glass. At last count, about 40 native mount and size optimized lenses.

What's coming this fall? A new, upscale OMD, quite possibly with PDAF on sensor for good C-AF and (hooray!) fast AF of the exquisitely sharp 4/3 ZD zooms. Panasonic has a GX7 in the works that may have a new sensor co-developed with Fuji, will definitely have IBIS, and may have the OMD's 5 axis electromagnetic IBIS. Two new lenses for sure: a higher grade general purpose zoom from Olympus, and a compact 150 F2.8 prime from Panasonic.

And a bonus - we get to pick the best from both manufacturers. So if the GX7's Fuji based sensor turns out to have outstanding rendering characteristics, we can add that body without obsoleting our glass. Wouldn't it be nice if C/N owners could use L glass on a D800?

Doesn't sound like a dying system to me. Sounds more like bitter grapes by people stuck in the past.

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