Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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Re: Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

it's completely subjective by the time the viewer sees the image. when i look at someone's shot, i rarely ever judge based on how good the camera is because what he shows me is what he wants to show me (or u). that could mean he processed it in such a way where any technical advantage my not be immediately obvious to the viewer.

however, that technical advantage is immediate obvious to the photographer when he processes. he can then decide how he wants the final image. for example, if i shot a mobile phone, i'm severely limited by that technology. heavy, rough, uncontrolled noise, soft focus and/or harsh oversharp are common to images from those devices. i could make a usable image out of it but one which adheres to its limitations, not my own. if i want to shoot daylight and have naturally high dynamic range without the dreaded HDR technique, it's simply not possible; though you the viewer may never know if that was my intent or if i was forced into that.

but in today's photography world, in the same brackets, there's little actual difference between camera models when it comes down to the end result. they are all quite capable. because of the way some ppl shoot, some can and do make use of these small differences in post. what the viewer ends up seeing may or may not be representative of that.

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