Canon 350D: does it still stand up to the competition?

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Re: Canon 350D: does it still stand up to the competition?

I never used a Canon 350D, but it probably was similar to my 8mp and 10mp Olympus DSLR cameras (that I still occasionally use).  However, I upgraded to two 18mp Canon DSLR cameras.  You might want to do the same.  The old cameras can take excellent pictures, but if you want the latest, I think that you would be very happy with a Canon T4i (650D) or Canon T5i (700D) camera.  For fun, I took pictures with an old 4mp Olympus camera that I bought for five dollars (USD) at a recycle center last December, and showed them on the Olympus Compact Camera Talk Forum (the thread is still there on page one).  So, yes...even a 4mp camera can take great pictures...but there's so much more we can do with an up-to-date 18mp DSLR camera.  With my Canon T2i (550D) I use ISO3200 and more a lot, especially when taking pictures of birds under the trees and in cloudy conditions.  The higher ISO levels also work great when you want to take pictures at night along city streets, but still want sufficient shutter speed so that the people walking nearby on not blurred.

Here's one of my hummingbird pictures that I took last March at ISO4000.

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