Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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Re: Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

In good lighting conditions without much dynamic range there is little difference between a bad camera/lens and a top tier one. And if those are the conditions you wish to shoot in then to be honest you might have well just use your camera phone or an inexpensive point and shoot.

Where better cameras really come into their own is bad conditions. Those conditions might be low light, high speed action, a larger spread of dynamic range, or similar. With most modern SLRs you can easily shoot at 3200 ISO without much noise, in real terms that means you can shoot indoors without a flash in all but the most darkened places.

Since sensors have become better and better flash has become less and less common, to the point now where flash is often more focused on directional light rather than the actual lighting of a scene (as you almost always have enough light to shoot, it just might not be from the direction you wish it were).

I think people really take for granted just how amazing a modern high end camera is in bad lighting conditions. I'd challenge these people to go buy one of the first DSLRs from eBay and go try to do some indoor shooting without a flash. I think it will be an eye opening experience.

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