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Just a FYI for those that don't know this... You can change your ATT plan from nationwide to international and back at will. When traveling overseas just switch to the international plan and then switch it back when you return. The cost is not all that much higher. Probably want to consider turning off roaming when overseas though on any phone.

You can activate an iPhone as a "Go Phone" without a data plan at all. I recently reactivated my old iPhone 4 for a family member and loaded it with 1,000 minutes for $100. No monthly charges. It can still use all the apps and get all the synching via wifi. It has a ton of music and photos on it as well as staying in sync for ibooks, numbers (expense and mileage logging), GPS for RunKeeper also functions just fine, calendars, meeting reminders, photostream all still functions as before when in range of wifi. All with no monthly charge for a "plan". The voice minutes last for up to one year and can be replenished easily for a $0.10 a minute one time charge.

If you can find a good used 4 or 4s, this may be the least costly way to go. New iPhones require a 2 year carrier commitment and a monthly data plan. With a used iPhone you simply call and give them the unique phone id, they will mail you a sim and you call and activate your voice service. The data functionality is there whenever you are in range of wifi.

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