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Re: Thieves in St. Petersburg camera and lens worst thing to steal

I scanned through this thread quickly, but did anybody mention PacSafe (or similar) products? They offer "slashproof" straps, backpacks, etc. which have far more security features than the regular bags and straps. I have several of their bags. Heck, even a well built Think Tank product would stand a better chance. I always lock up the zippers.

The tourist in the video is carry a pretty large lens: if I'm just traveling for pleasure, I just take a smaller camera these days: mirrorless cameras are a great invention - smaller, more portable, lighter. And my spouse appreciates that I'm not lugging my monster gear around wherever I go, and actually trying enjoy the holiday.

When traveling in heavily trafficked places (subway, etc.) I usually push the camera down the front of my jacket: it looks a bit stupid, but who cares? I also never use the camera strap that comes with the kit: Nikon (or Canon or Sony, etc.) emblazoned in 200 pt font along the strap - gee, I wonder what I'm carrying around my neck?

But seriously, vigilence and discretion are the most important things you can employ- you can't be paranoid, but no one strategy or product is theft proof. After visiting Europe, Central America, and many places in the US, the only time I had something stolen was in Montreal: in my own country, and a place I had visited many, many times. I figured nothing could happen, and kept my wallet in a pouch that wasn't open or easily accessible, but nonetheless not the most secure. I was in Paris in February and I'm sure I almost got pickpocketed. I turned and coincidentally, there was a man tying his shoe lace right beside me. Sure... right... but I never even heard him come up beside me.

Stay safe!

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