Im shopping around for web hosting, any recommendations as to who or who not to use?

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Windows Azure Websites

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

As the title say's im in the market for a web hosting company for my website. Does anybody have any recommendations?

Windows Azure Websites starts at $0 for a simple web site on a shared instance and scales "indefinitely", if needed, with a pay-as-you-go model. Depending on your needs, the $0 plan may very well be just the ticket, I think you can have up to 10 free sites if I recall correctly.

Download WebMatrix 3 ( to get started. You can deploy WordPress or Joomla! or whatever CMS your project requires directly from WebMatrix, or start from a PHP or ASP.NET site template, or a blank site and do everything by hand if you prefer.

Since its starts at $0 you don't have much to loose (you still have to pay for your domain name and DNS registration somewhere, I use I've been using Azure to host back-end stuff (registration/activation servers and e-commerce back-end for automatic order fulfillment so far) and I've been very happy with overall reliability.

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